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If you compare this top 10 richest people, you will find some thing very common : risk taker, disciplined, confident and committed. In this article, we have listed top ten billionaires with net wealth and their short stories. 

Top 10 Richest People in the World


Richest People

NET WORTH 117 Billion

According to the Forbes list of billionaires, Bernard Arnault ranks top 1 amongst the richest people in the world. Bernard is a French businessman, the chairman and chief executive of LVMH  luxury goods. Arnault though believes Bill Gates would be at the top if his charity of 35 billion would be considered. He is also an art lover. He loves and collects the most expensive paintings. BA followed Steve Jobs and Warren Buffet principles. In fact, LVMH was built with these principles, Quality (Steve Jobs principle) long term view (Warren Buffet principle). Bernard Arnault is the largest shareholder of LVMH’s group with a total of 43.5%.

NET WORTH 116 Billion

Jeff Bezos an American entrepreneur and investor rank second in our list of top richest people. He is CEO and president of 1 trillion-dollar company Amazon. Jeff completed graduation in electrical and computer engineering. Then worked on wall street till 30 and later started sell book online, that is when Amazon was born. Later he started to sell almost every product in the market. Amazon is logically a logistic company but spread all over the world. Jeff Bezos also purchased American leading newspaper ‘THE WASHINGTON POST’ in 2013 for 250 million. Bezos divorced  MacKenzie Tuttle on 4th April 2019 due to which  MacKenzie acquired 45 stake in Amazon.




Top Richest People

NET WORTH 110 Billion

Bill Gates and his partner Paul Allen founded world largest company Microsoft. Microsoft is the heart of IBM, with Microsoft IBM is an empty box. Gates care about the world and people, technically he is the top 1 richest man if it wasn’t the charity he made of 35 billion. Bill and Malinda his wife found the charity organisation called Malinda Gates Foundation. He hold only 1% stake in Microsoft. Bill.G loves reading books, he gives himself time in a week to read fictional and non-fictional books. He thinks school and college educations are a waste of time. Schools and colleges do not prepare us for real life. Unless you won’t have experience in your work area, no one would like to hire you.

NET WORTH 89 Billion

Warren Buffet is an American Investor and Philanthropist and chairman of Berkshire Hathway. Buffet has been the chairman and largest shareholder from 50 years. Buffet explored the investment pattern of Benjamin Graham, his mentor. Buffet bought his first stock at age 6. He says while investing we (Buffet and Munger) view ourselves as a business analyst and not security analyst or market analyst. Over the years he invested in The Washington Post, GEICO Corporation, Capital Cities, Coca-Cola, General Dynamics, Wells Fargo and Company, American Express Company, IBM, H.J Heinz Company. One of Buffett’s most famous phrases is, “Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.



Richest People

NET WORTH 67 Billion

Mark Zuckerberg started facebook in 2004 at age 19 and he bought the facebook public in 2014. Facebook main revenue source is advertisement. He connected people from all over the world to build the best advertising platform. Currently facebook is the cheapest and effective source of advertisement where one can find their targeted audience. Facebook was fined for 5 billion dollars for violating privacy of the users. Facebook lost nearly about 4 billions due to corona covid 19 virus fear that tumbled global markets. 

NET WORTH 66 Billion

Larry Page is an American entrepreneur and founder of Google along with Sergy Brin. Larry Page was the CEO of Google parent company Alphabet Inc. until he resigned in 2019, but stills remain the board member. Google is the advertising platform with more than 1 billion url  making it most leading search engine. Main source of income for google is through advertisement.

Page has also invested in Tesla Motors hybrid cars project.


Richest People


NET WORTH 60 Billion

Lawrence Ellison is an American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist who is a co-founder of Oracle Corporation, and he was also the company’s CEO until September 2014. He owned 12th largest yacht (Rising Sun) in the world, but ended his owner ship in 2010. His mother gave him to her aunt and he never meet his biological mother till 48. His adoptive mother was very caring and loving. He gave up his position as CEO in Oracle in 2014. L.E donated 200 million dollars for cancer treatment.

NET WORTH 56 Billion

Amancio Ortega is the richest Spanish retail entrepreneur, pioneer in fashion business. He is co-founder of Inditex which owns ZARA clothing retail business. Ortega is not interested in showing his physical presence in public, so far he had interviewed with only 3 journalist. Mr Ortega comes from simple family and he likes to be simple and keep low profile. He worked in a retail shop as a shop hand. He opened his first ZARA store in 1975 with his late wife Rosalia Mera. He donated 300 million euro towards cancer patients. Till 2015 Ortega was rich person with 80 Billion net worth putting Bill Gates after him. 



Carlos Slim Helu & family

Richest People

NET WORTH 54 Billion

Carlos Slim Helu is a Mexican  multi-billionaire investor and philanthropist. He graduated as civil engineering but shifted his interest in business after graduating. He started investing at age 13 in shares and growing up he also invested in small individual business. Carlos continued to invest in some of the biggest companies in the world like ‘The New York Times Company,’ ‘Volaris,’ ‘Saks Fifth Avenue’ and ‘Telekom Austria and Hersley company.’


NET WORTH 53 Billion

Sergey Brin is an American entrepreneur and founder of Google along with Larry Page. Larry Page and Sergy Brin met at Stanford, where they made their first search engine called ‘BackRub’. Later they found google which has more than one billion users connected across the globe. 

Sergy was president of Alphabet Inc. google’s parent company until he stepped down in 2019.


Richest People

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