How to make passive income while working full time

Average American under age 35 carry debt of 37000$ as per the report of Consumer Finance Survey . More and more individuals are looking to earn passive income while working as full time employees.

Few individual’s debt structure is even worse, they carry debt of 20% in credit cards, 20% in student loans and 25% Mortgages. That means they are left with no saving after the required expenses.

Imagine if you have an emergency, how can you handle the situation with no savings in your bank. For example the corona virus disease breakout, do you have safety measures in financial terms. Or economic slowdown or you lost the job because the  company went bankrupt. It can be anything. 

So earning passive income not only makes you feel secure but also saves you in hard times. After a lot of research and experience I came up with 5 ways to earn passive income.


It is not that we have a short time to live, but that we waste a lot of it. – Seneca on shortness of life. 

Seneca urges that we have enough time to do priority things but we waste our time in activities which are not necessary. We think hundred times before giving money to someone, but when it comes to time, we do not care about it. How can you regain your time back?.

Brain Tracy quotes ‘Many people think that time management is only a business tool, like a calculator or cell phone. The truth is, time is your most precious resource. Effective time management can make fortunes, besides it can also create an opportunity to make some passive income. 

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Blogging is very common source of passive income as on 2020. If you manage to spend one hour for reading and another one hour for writing blog, then it can be your best passive source of income. Invest some time on sharing post on social media on weekends. 

Best thing about blogging is you can work from anywhere. Plus you can acquire even more knowledge in the field you are most interested.

Think blogging as an platform for advertising your product or third party product. You can also get paid for visitors through ad-sense. If you can offer quality content then people will visit your blog. 

Passive Income


If you are Blogger then making videos is also main factor for attracting traffic. An average person attention span is only 8 seconds, that is the time you get to engage your audience. Many people hate reading, so they prefer watching videos.

You tube is an advertising platform, that means you can monetize you video with you tube earn passive income.

Videos also helps your audience to believe you by showing practical examples. Google is now considering videos for ranking purpose.


Stock investment require common sense more than your financial skills. If you understand the good companies and bad companies then you are at highest possibility of investing in good securities.

Consider money as your employees . If your employees are in companies which are productive, growing and  having good management then they can create fortunes for you. Same is for your money, put them at work in good companies. 

I follow three principles of Investing.

a. Invest in good companies.

b. Invest below intrinsic value of the company.

c. Invest for long term.

 Invest in good companies – How to know whether you are investing in good company. Well, all companies disclose their annual reports at end of financial year.

  1. You have to see how much company owe to financial institution and investors.
  2. How much of sale is on credit
  3. Look at an inventory compared to last year
  4. Cash at Bank

These are some important point to analyse the company. Some companies are Zombies – Zombies means they are acquiring more and more debts to repay interest on previous loan or due of debentures or for working capital. 

Make money work for you

Passive Income

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If companies are making sales on credit and are unable to convert that credit in cash then they have to borrow from somewhere else. That will increase the burden of debt and interest payment and if the cycle goes on for long, it is for sure they will default the payment.


Every person has some skills in him. May be its blogging, animation and content writing or marketing. If you take a good course on udemy to make your skill even more perfect, you can start make some passive income through it.

I took some courses on Udemy to improve my skill then started freelance on SEO optimization on Fiverr. Now I have my Job, Blog and freelancing work. Blogging and Freelancing allow me to work according to my convenient time. 

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Many business are hiring freelancers for their project to cut the cost. Low taxes, lower employee-related expenses, bonuses, less office space and many more. Plus companies can hire them on contract or for short term and simultaneously work on different projects. 

Also as freelancers you can save taxes on your income from abroad by showing expenses. Plus work as per your convenience. 

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