Saving - 10 Simple Ways to Start Saving Money


Saving money is not an exciting part of our daily habits, but it will be worth overtime.

Saving money does not mean giving up your lifestyle, holiday trip or outing with friends, but avoiding to spend money on unnecessary things.

I want you to be conscious of your financial decision. It does not matter how much you earn unless you are in control of your expenses.

It’s totally natural to raise your standard of living when you are promoted or you get a hike in your salary.

It’s not the standard of living that drains your hard-earned money, but those unnecessary expenses. Use this money-saving tips to make yourself financially healthy:

  1. Tell Your Girlfriend About your Financial Condition

I am not your dating expert, but I can assure you that your girlfriend needs a good lifestyle, expensive restaurant for dinners, VIP seat for movies and money for shopping for branded clothing.

This does not mean every girl ruin your financial condition. But we as human subconsciously make these choices to make us feel better. In my case, I love watching movies on Netflix so me and my girlfriend started spending time watching movies at my home or making a dinner at her place. This not only helped us to maintain a balance in our spending but also we enjoyed most of our quality time together with our family.

  1. Stop Consuming Carbohydrates

           I know carbohydrates are the cheaper source of energy; but also very dangerous to your health. We should limit our carbohydrates consumption to 90 grams per day. However,  the food industry is fooling us.

They want us to consume carbs and sugar because it leads to more hunger and more consumption, which eventually leads to more sales for them.

We humans are now eating machines, having 6 meals a day that will not only increase your budget but also many diseases associated with it. I am not a nutritionist or doctor to give this advice, but here’s what Dr. Berg has to say  Video

  1. Lower your alcohol consumption

Do you often bet in parties to drink more to show your capacity or how much ALPHA MEN capability you have? Well, this is for you.

Our liver is the most important filtering organ of the body. It detoxifies your body and balances your blood sugar level. If you are cautious about your health, please stop drinking if you can.  If you are addicted to alcohol beverages, it can ruin your financial condition and health.

  1. Limit your dozens of friends to a few or one

The quote of Harvey Specter from Suits, he says, “Those Who Are Often Found in the Crowd Are Nothing ALONE.” I don’t want to offend any of my extrovert readers but this is true. Not that you should stay alone every time, but at least try to have some lonely time for yourself.

I know! We are connected, but you should try doing your stuff by yourself. This is important to create confidence in you. Choose two of your closest friend who really cares about you and can be with you in your hard times.

Party with two real friends is a good deal instead with dozens who don’t give a shit about you. Treat your genuine friend well, help him or her financially, and in return, you can get the same from him or her, because he or she cares about your friendship as you do.

  1. Don’t buy branded clothes for regular purpose

Branded clothes are good and you feel good wearing them. They are the best for parties and special occasions.

For regular use, use normal brands which are on sale. Observe branded products and buy the normal brands which you trust with the parallel design and color.

  1. Your kids don’t need expensive school, they need quality education and right direction

I am not convincing you that you should send your child to a government school. Expensive school may have intelligent and disciplined teachers but they don’t care about your kid.

You have to take responsibility to train your child. Your child will follow your steps, not his or her teachers.

  1. Use only one credit card for emergency

Every family should have at least one credit card for emergency purposes. It is the easiest way to avail loan for any emergency need but restrict yourself to one credit card for emergency purposes.

Many credit card companies offer you royalty and cashback to pull out money from your pocket. You don’t pay for that expense so at that moment you are not aware of your spending as you may be aware if done through cash.

But if you have a budget and pre-planned expenses, then you may use it wisely. When we have to return their money back, they charge 48% pa interest plus taxes.

  1. Use Udemy for learning almost anything instead of expensive classes

Udemy is one of the best learning classrooms for almost anything.

They offer huge discounts and you can cancel the course anytime within 1 month from the date of purchase and take a refund for the same. Udemy has experienced professionals for learning any course.

  1. Always record your expenses

Recording expenses is like having control over your financial decision and avoiding unnecessary expenses.

  1. Avoid unnecessary insurance premium.

           Many times, insurance agents sell the wrong policy to policyholder (usually high premium with intentions to earn high).

Always choose right insurance such as one term plan, one health plan, and one fixed return plan. Always avoid tulip plans.


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